About Us

Our Vision

Here, your potential knows no bounds.

Since our inception in 2009, initially focused on early-stage entrepreneurship and acceleration programs. Over time, our direction evolved from 'Good to Great to Growth' to a broader vision encompassing impact, investment, and innovation.

Our mission is not just about finding innovation but finding the right one. We leverage our extensive experience and insights to guide startups and corporations toward meaningful collaborations and breakthrough achievements.Recognizing the rapidly changing innovation landscape, we shifted our focus to not just match businesses, but to foster partnerships that resonate with both the innovative spirit of startups and the strategic goals of corporations.

Our Team

With Viveka, partners don't just adapt to the changing business trends; they lead it.

N. Barış Okur
CEO & Partner
M. Emin Okutan
CEO & Partner
Aysha Hasanova
Chief Strategy & Programs Officer
H. Dilan Akbaş
Chief Innovation & Culture Officer
Sena Pamuk
Program Manager
Beyza Canbaz
Program Specialist
Belgin Doğan
Program Specialist
M. Şerif Esin
Program Specialist & Knowledge Management Expert
Sine Zeynep Kilisli
Marketing & Communication Specialist
Gül İrem Keskin
Pre-Accountancy & Administrative Specialist
İdil E. Uysal
Service Design Specialist