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We provide strategic insights and innovative outcomes to partners.

What does innovation mean

for corporates?

Innovation is a pivotal strategic disruption that fundamentally alters our approach to business, reshapes our mindset and challenges the ordinary we believe in to achieve organizational excellence.

Programs with purpose:

We provide strategic insights and innovative outcomes to partners. 

In-house Leadership and Capacity Building Programs

Unlock your team's leadership potential with In-house Leadership and Capacity Building Programs.  These programs are designed to inspire, drive innovation, and deliver measurable outcomes, focusing on key elements essential for organizational progress and the development of leadership talents.

  • Mentor Training
  • Innovation Champions (HR & Leadership Program)
  • Intrapreneurship Programs

Innovation and Impact Programs for Corporates

Elevate your vision with our Innovation and Impact Programs. Designed for corporations aiming for strategic partnerships and new insights, this suite links you with startups to foster growth, creativity, and success globally.

  • Pre-Incubation
  • Startup Challenge
  • Startup Scouting and Matching
  • Open Innovation and PoC Program
  • Startup Acceleration
  • Investment Preparation

Innovation Strategy Development

Maximize your corporate potential with our focused services designed for innovation and strategic growth.

  • Corporate Innovation Strategy Development Workshop
  • Hackathon & Ideathon Program for Corporations
  • Innovation Pipeline Management

Select Programs

PİM Investment Readiness & Acceleration Program

PİM Investment Readiness & Acceleration Program by Akiş GYO and Viveka connects startups with global investors, targeting the market entry or growth phase needing resources for efficient commercialization, the program enhances founders' leadership skills, offers a supportive network, and guides through investor relations, business strategies, operational efficiency, and growth potential assessment, preparing them for a strategic investment-oriented growth. 
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Intrapreneurship Program

NAR Intrapreneurship Program, in association with Enerjisa, is designed to enhance internal entrepreneurial capacity, leverage corporate innovation, and discover potential investment areas within the organization.

Brewfuture Open Innovation Program

The Brewfuture Open Innovation Program, with Anadolu Efes, focuses on sustainability in line with future strategies, advancing digital transformation, R&D, and creating investment opportunities, while aiding startups in scaling to robust enterprises.
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Startup Challenge '23

Futuremark Startup Challenge, orchestrated with Philip Morris Türkiye, is a competition targeting PMI's innovation corridors, targeting breakthroughs in manufacturing, sustainability, and customer experiences. The program is to facilitate collaboration for startups aligned with PMI's core goals in science, innovation, and sustainability.
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Open Innovation Program

Enerjisa İVME Open Innovation Program is, a strategic collaboration with Enerjisa, selects and aligns startups for promising PoC projects, cultivating a cooperative ecosystem by integrating them seamlessly with Enerjisa's operational units. The program concurrently advances Enerjisa's digital transformation and bolsters the scalability and market readiness of startups.
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Startup Challenge

Tüpraş Inowhatif Startup Challenge is designed to integrate the latest technological advancements into Tüpraş's core operations. Focused on digital transformation, R&D, and production enhancement, Inowhatif scouted for talents that align with Tüpraş's strategic objectives, driving forward their digital and technological agenda.
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Startup Challenge

The Canada-Türkiye Sustainability Challenge, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Canada to Istanbul, provides Canadian companies the opportunity to engage with Turkey's major holdings and firms experienced in international dealings, focusing on sustainable technologies.
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Deep - TE Corporate Startup Synergize (CS - S)

Deep-TE Corporate Startup Synergize (CS-S) Program addresses YASED member firms' digital transformation and R&D, creating investment opportunities and aiding startups in scaling. The program supports collaborations in PoC, investment, and joint sales/R&D, aligning with strategic goals.
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We are committed to fostering entrepreneurs from Türkiye and across the globe.

Our mission is to connect startups and corporations, ensuring that these partnerships are not only strategic but also reflective of the innovative aspirations of both parties. We focus on fostering mutually beneficial relationships that align with each entity's strategic objectives.

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