Chasing extraordinary growth or global impact? Meet Viveka!

More than consultants, we work together to execute a unique winning formula for your organization.


Chasing extraordinary growth or global impact? Meet Viveka!

More than consultants, we work together to execute a unique winning formula for your organization.


Chasing extraordinary growth or global impact? Meet Viveka!

More than consultants, we work together to execute a unique winning formula for your organization.

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Viveka drives startups, linking them with ideal investors and corporate partners to scale globally and thrive.


Viveka redefines corporate strategy: tailored, cutting-edge solutions for unique innovation challenges, ensuring your business stays ahead.


Viveka empowers investors with strategic foresight, pinpointing top-tier talents and tech trends to foster impactful, growth-driven alliances.

Join the pioneers:

a network of 115+ leading the change

We execute each organization's unique innovation blueprint, integrating technology-driven solutions into the fabric of culture.

Viveka is renowned for its expertise and high-quality team, pivotal in advancing entrepreneurship in Türkiye. Their programs, adhering to international standards, are executed by a motivated, experienced team with outstanding communication skills.

Sanem Yalçıntaş, Director of Research, Technology and Innovation, TED University
Ideathon TEDU

Viveka excels in bridging corporates with innovation, particularly in the Middle East and East Mediterranean. Distinguished by its wide regional reach, proven track record, and skilled team, Viveka demonstrates significant expertise in corporate collaborations.

Christian Daube - Climate Innovation Lead focused on Latin America and the Caribbean, Climate-KIC
East Mediterranean ClimAccelerator 2023
14 years
National& International

Select Programs

PİM Investment Readiness & Acceleration Program

PİM Investment Readiness & Acceleration Program by Akiş GYO and Viveka connects startups with global investors, targeting the market entry or growth phase needing resources for efficient commercialization, the program enhances founders' leadership skills, offers a supportive network, and guides through investor relations, business strategies, operational efficiency, and growth potential assessment, preparing them for a strategic investment-oriented growth. 
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Intrapreneurship Program

NAR Intrapreneurship Program, in association with Enerjisa, is designed to enhance internal entrepreneurial capacity, leverage corporate innovation, and discover potential investment areas within the organization.

Brewfuture Open Innovation Program

The Brewfuture Open Innovation Program, with Anadolu Efes, focuses on sustainability in line with future strategies, advancing digital transformation, R&D, and creating investment opportunities, while aiding startups in scaling to robust enterprises.
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Startup Challenge '23

Futuremark Startup Challenge, orchestrated with Philip Morris Türkiye, is a competition targeting PMI's innovation corridors, targeting breakthroughs in manufacturing, sustainability, and customer experiences. The program is to facilitate collaboration for startups aligned with PMI's core goals in science, innovation, and sustainability.
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Open Innovation Program

Enerjisa İVME Open Innovation Program is, a strategic collaboration with Enerjisa, selects and aligns startups for promising PoC projects, cultivating a cooperative ecosystem by integrating them seamlessly with Enerjisa's operational units. The program concurrently advances Enerjisa's digital transformation and bolsters the scalability and market readiness of startups.
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Startup Challenge

Tüpraş Inowhatif Startup Challenge is designed to integrate the latest technological advancements into Tüpraş's core operations. Focused on digital transformation, R&D, and production enhancement, Inowhatif scouted for talents that align with Tüpraş's strategic objectives, driving forward their digital and technological agenda.
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Startup Challenge

The Canada-Türkiye Sustainability Challenge, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Canada to Istanbul, provides Canadian companies the opportunity to engage with Turkey's major holdings and firms experienced in international dealings, focusing on sustainable technologies.
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Deep - TE Corporate Startup Synergize (CS - S)

Deep-TE Corporate Startup Synergize (CS-S) Program addresses YASED member firms' digital transformation and R&D, creating investment opportunities and aiding startups in scaling. The program supports collaborations in PoC, investment, and joint sales/R&D, aligning with strategic goals.
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Strategic Integration

We tailor our approach to uniquely align with the needs of talents, the goals of institutions, and the aspirations of investors. Each project is executed with unparalleled precision, considering the distinct dynamics of every stakeholder. Our focus is on transforming programs into strategic, outcome-oriented activities, constantly exploring and setting new directions in the market.

Forefront Methodology

Our methodology is anchored in in-depth market intelligence and a forward-thinking approach, establishing new standards in the industry. We adeptly translate global innovation trends into cohesive strategies, equipping our clients to lead in their fields.

Ecosystem Orchestration

We aim to create a dynamic ecosystem where innovative startups, visionary investors, and leading institutions converge. Our focus is on fostering a network where cutting-edge solutions meet institutional needs, and global perspectives merge with local expertise. This is not merely a collective—it's a thriving connection of progress and collaboration.

Viveka team blends a can-do attitude with a make-it-happen commitment

We think critically, act strategically, and dream big!
We are not just about executing transformative strategies, but also about embedding the culture of innovation into the very DNA of organizations.

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