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East Mediterrenean Climaccelerator '22 aims to foster collaboration between startups and industry to shape a climate-positive new normal!

17 selected startup from 5 country
11 partner company from different sectors:

Akbank, Aksigorta, Brisa, Çimsa, Enerjisa, Kordsa, Sabancı DX, Sabancı Ventures, Teknosa, Temsa, Temsa Motorlu Araçlar

IVME Accelerator

IVME Accelerator Program aims to boost collaboration between startups and the energy industry in a collaboration between Enerjisa Distribution Companies and Viveka since 2020 ('20-'21-'22)

34 PoC
10+ Startup R&D Project Application for EPDK


EndeavorCONNECT aims to find sustainable solutions in parallel with rapidly changing conditions, as in the pandemic process with private companies.

4 PoC
4 Sales Agreement
82 Company - Startup Matchmaking Session

Partners: Akbank, Brisa, Pınar, P&G, Oracle, YemekSepeti, iyzico

Deep-Tech Accelerator

Viveka's innovative "accelerator" program, supported by a startup-private company collaboration model, is designed to reach new distribution channels and customers and open up to the international market for high-tech startups.

30 Post Product Deep-Tech startup
21 New Product/Service
11 Patented Inventions

Partners: Arçelik, TÜPRAŞ, BSH, Brisa, Farplas,İNG

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Cohort-based learning platform connects like-minded entrepreneurs, enabling collaboration with experts and sharing ideas.

Since 2009, We Have Connected Startups and Corporates to Create a Better Future!

"Without IVME, we would still be looking for stakeholders while doing our projects, but we would not be this fast. IVME would gain us both speed and corporate culture. The way people view projects has changed with the program.Thanks to IVME, we reach the solution more easily and quickly with the agile working standard of startups. They internalize the problem and come to us with faster and more accurate solutions."

Hülya Akınç R&D Manager @ Enerjisa

"Before we started the program with Viveka, we only focused on one area. From the moment we began to exchange ideas with Viveka, we developed ourselves. After meeting with Viveka, we evaluated the business opportunities by looking at the sector from a broader perspective."

Oğuzhan Sarıtaş CEO @ Car4Future

“We have never participated in such programs before; however, we thought Viveka Growth would add very different values ​​to Virmode and apply for the program. We were not mistaken in this thought either; we are happy to be a part of Viveka Growth.”

Esad Aköz Co-F @ Virmode

"We observed that private companies working with Viveka are more open-minded to collaboration with startups and open innovation"

Anıl Üzengi CEO @ Stroma Vision

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